Lion Item# FE1613

LION Commander NFPA Wristlet Cadet Firefighting Gloves



LION Commander NFPA Wristlet Cadet Firefighting Gloves

The LION Commander NFPA Gloves with Gauntlet in cadet size are high-performance structural firefighting gloves designed for superior hand protection. These gloves feature exceptional thermal protection, with TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) results far exceeding NFPA 1971 standards. They are equipped with a next-generation CROSSTECH® Insert, fully bonded to a form-fitting thermal liner, creating an effective combination of thermal liner and moisture barrier. The gloves' advanced design includes an Enhanced Gunn Cut for optimal dexterity and fit, ensuring greater control and comfort. They also feature Advanced Cuff Engagement for easy donning and doffing, even under challenging conditions. The cadet size option ensures a snug and comfortable fit for firefighters with smaller hands without compromising on protection or functionality.

  • Specifically designed for individuals with smaller hands, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit
  • Optimized for dexterity and fit, allowing for better hand movement and control
  • Made from high-quality leather and Kovenex, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear
  • Features Lite-N-Dri technology for advanced thermal protection on the back of the hand
  • Includes a Crosstech® Direct Grip® glove insert, enhancing the grip during firefighting operations
  • Includes a CROSSTECH® Insert bonded to a thermal liner, offering a robust combination of a thermal liner and moisture barrier
  • Features an advanced cuff design for easy donning and doffing, even in wet conditions
  • Equipped with water-repellent properties to protect against liquid hazards
  • Third-party tests show over 40% improvement in dexterity, enhancing hand functionality
  • Meets the standards set by NFPA 1971 for structural firefighting gloves

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