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LION Commander NFPA Gauntlet Firefighting Gloves



LION Commander NFPA Gauntlet Firefighting Gloves

The LION Commander NFPA Gauntlet Firefighting Gloves are designed to provide high-performance protection for firefighters. These gloves offer exceptional thermal protection and optimal dexterity, which are crucial in firefighting scenarios. They feature Advanced Cuff Engagement for easy donning and doffing, even when wet. The gloves include a next-generation CROSSTECH® Insert, fully bonded to a form-fitting thermal liner, creating a combination of thermal liner and moisture barrier for enhanced protection. Additionally, they have an improved cuff/turnout sleeve interface and Lite N Dri™ in the back of the hand, combined with a Kovenex® lining, for maximum thermal protection. Certified to NFPA 1971 standards, these gloves are essential for structural firefighting, providing safety and functionality in extreme conditions.

  • Constructed with Eversoft thermal split leather for durability and heat resistance
  • The gauntlet cuff design provides extended coverage and protection beyond the wrist area
  • The gloves are water-repellent, adding a layer of protection against liquid hazards
  • Lite N Dri™ Technology, positioned on the back of the hand, provides additional thermal protection
  • Incorporates a Kovenex® lining for added heat resistance and comfort
  • Designed to offer outstanding protection against high temperatures encountered in firefighting
  • Engineered to provide excellent hand mobility and control, crucial for handling firefighting equipment
  • Features a design allowing easy and quick donning and doffing, a vital aspect in emergency response
  • Includes a next-generation CROSSTECH® insert fully bonded to a thermal liner, enhancing the glove's protective capabilities against heat and moisture
  • These gloves meet the standards set by NFPA 1971, ensuring they are suitable for structural firefighting

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