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Implus Item# FT2774 RWB Mfg# 87021

Implus Sofsole Sneaker Balls 6-pack


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Implus Sofsole Sneaker Balls 6-pack

The SofSole Sneaker Balls are an essential accessory for people on the go. These small, round deodorizers fit conveniently into your shoes, gym bags, and lockers, effectively absorbing foot odors and other odor-causing bacteria. Their sleek design allows easy use in tight spaces where typical fresheners simply can't fit. The balls come with a quick-twist action feature that releases a clean and fresh scent to rejuvenate your gear. When not in use, close the vents to preserve the freshness. The Sneaker Balls can fit all shoe sizes, from kids to adults, and are perfect for athletic shoes, everyday footwear, and sporting gear bags.

  • Specially designed for removing foot odors
  • Compact size; perfect for shoes, gym bags, and lockers
  • Quick-twist action to release a fresh, clean scent
  • Fits all shoe sizes
  • Fresh scent can last up to six months
  • Includes six balls, each with a 1.5" diameter
  • Made in China

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