Department of Defense Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) - Galls has partnered with the Internet based Electronic Mall, which allows military customers and authorized government customers to order items from government and commercial sources. You can even search by NSN number. Throughout the catalog products on DOD EMALL are marked with their logo.

Galls offers 475 products on DOD EMALL, and we continue to add more! By purchasing Galls products on DOD EMALL you can take advantage of multiple easy pay methods. You can easily compare products, reorder and share information. Galls and DOD EMALL make it easy for you to buy the Federal Agency and U.S. Military Products you need.

How to Order from Galls using DOD EMALL:

1. Log onto DOD EMALL at, then register.
2. GPC card users can browse EMALL, shop, and order products.
3. Click on "Catalog Search"
4. Click on "Supplier"
5. Click on "Galls"
6. From this page you are searching the Galls Catalog only.
7. Type in keyword or product number.


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