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Spend Less Time Ordering, Budgeting and Tracking

Galls offers a custom solution for providing departments and agencies with the uniforms, gear and apparel needed to get the job done. Our Partner Websites provide two powerful management tools: C.O.M.S. and G.M.I.


C.O.M.S. (Customer Order Management System) delivers your unique combination of site features by allowing you to choose the functionality you want for your Partner Website from pre-built modules.

  1. Streamlined Shopping:
    You choose the products available on your site, ensuring that your department or agency orders the correct item. You'll enjoy fewer returns, mistakes and headaches with your Partner Website.
  2. Simplified Uniform Ordering:
    Our in-house experts work with you to build the exact uniform your department needs. Your uniforms are pre-loaded, including emblem placement, embellishments and more. No guesswork involved, everyone receives the right uniform every time.
  3. Allotment Management:
    Allotment balances update LIVE while you shop. Users will always know exactly where their allotment balance stands, meaning fewer questions and more time for other matters.
  4. Order Approval:
    Orders can be approved online or by email, anytime. No need to log into your site to make approvals.
  5. Reporting:
    Order history and allotment activity can be downloaded any time. Current and past order details are easily referenced.
  6. Administration:
    Administrators can add and remove users, update profiles and more. Easily manage users as your department changes.
  7. Security:
    Only authorized users can shop your site. Gain peace of mind, knowing that your uniforms and equipment are restricted to authorized users.
  8. Mobile Capability:
    Partner Websites are completely compatible with mobile devices for convenient use. No more waiting until you get back to your desk.


G.M.I. (Galls Managed Inventory) is your on-site quartermaster, managing items procured from Galls and other vendors— making order management run smoothly with single-system simplicity. Your on-site inventory is instantly available and easily tracked, no matter how many suppliers you use.

Begin a new era of efficiency with a Galls Partner Website. Simple, flexible, convenient and controllable, a Galls Partner Website provides an average efficiency savings of $370 per officer annually (based on third-party independent survey results). Enjoy the best customer service, accurate orders and fast delivery when you partner with Galls.


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