Garmin Item# JW1400

Garmin InReach Mini 2 - Portable GPS & Satellite Communicator



Garmin InReach Mini 2 - Portable GPS & Satellite Communicator

During missions or hikes, the Garmin inReach® Mini 2 will give you peace of mind in unfamiliar territory. This is Garmin’s smallest form factor satellite communicator that fits perfectly in your pocket and features advanced messaging, tracking, safety capabilities, and much more. 

Benefits of this Garmin portable GPS include a sunlight-readable, high-resolution display and an improved battery life with up to 14 days in 10-minute intervals. The SOS monitor will allow you to send interactive messages with Garmin’s 24/7 emergency response team. With the breadcrumb trail, you can backtrack or save your route to see where you’ve already been. On top of that, this hiking GPS has a digital compass with an accurate heading, allows for two-way messaging, and is compatible with the Garmin Explore App. 

  • Two Way Messaging: From around the world with custom or present options.
  • SOS Monitoring: In case of an emergency, trigger an interactive SOS message to the Garmin IERCC, a 24/7 staffed professional emergency response coordination center.
  • inReach Tracking: Up to 2-minute interval for friends & family to monitor on MapShare.
  • User Interface: Higher resolution display shows your relevant data at a glance.
  • Breadcrumb Trail: User initiated breadcrumb tracking that saves your route to make it easier to see where you’ve already been. Automatically creates hidden & temporary tracking recording once every 10 minutes so you can TracBack when needed.
  • Digital Compass: Provides accurate heading even when stationary.
  • Improved Battery Life: Up to 14 days in 10-minute tracking mode.
  • Connect with the Garmin Explore App: Messaging, Weather, High Detailed Topo & Arial mapping, navigation and Trip Planning & Reviewing.
  • Garmin Eco-System: Pair with select Garmin Devices such as wearables, handhelds & marine equipment to remotely control the inReach Mini 2.
  • Small, rugged, compact & lightweight.
  • Sunlight Readable, Transflective MIP display (New Higher Resolution 176 x 126).
  • SOS button with rugged cover
  • USB-C port on device
  • Mfg Number: 01-02627-13

    Please Note: Some features of this device may require a monthly subscription; however, it is still functional without it. For more information, check out Garmin's plan options. If you need more information on what features you can use with or without a subscription, check out Garmin's support center page.

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