Galls Item# LP302 Mfg# G4182-

Galls Buckleless Trouser Belt

$38.83 to $45.11


Galls Buckleless Trouser Belt

You’ve trained, studied and experienced what it truly means to serve and protect. Help keep the tools you need to perform your duties secure with a Galls Buckleless Trouser Belt. This versatile leather belt can be worn alone with the leather out for a professional look, on or off duty, or reversed to reinforce your duty belt, ensuring the tools necessary to keep yourself and others safe are where they should be.

Depending on the equipment your day requires, a duty belt can add more than 10 pounds of weight to an already complex uniform. This buckleless belt securely interlocks with a duty belt to provide proper distribution of weight and a snug, comfortable fit. Its lack of a buckle also lets you breeze through metal detectors, helping you stay on the move. Crafted to be durable, strong, adjustable and easy to use.

  • Available in black
  • Choice of three finishes: basketweave, high-gloss and plain
  • Crafted from leather
  • Hook-and-loop lining interlocks to bring stability to your rig
  • 1 1/2 inch wide
  • Imported

    Your uniform and equipment shouldn’t slow you down. When it’s time to act, you need to be confident that your skill sets aren’t being hampered by loose tactical pants or duty equipment. Give your gear a boost with the best web belts by ordering now!

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