FORM Premium Insoles - Maximum


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FORM Premium Insoles - Maximum

FORM Premium Insoles - Maximum contains an extra-thick, high-density cushioning to give you the most support and shock-absorbing comfort available for high-impact activities. These shoe inserts are ideal for work or uniform boots and custom mold to the shape of your foot to reduce ten types of foot, leg, and back pain. This includes overpronation, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain, heel spurs, shin splints, bunion pain, and heat blisters. The heel cup design adds support while positioning the foot for better shock absorption. What’s more, the top layer of these shoe insoles is made of TemperWeave fabric to reduce moisture and odor-causing microbes on the feet.

  • Contains extra thick cushioning for shock-absorbing comfort
  • Comfort-shaped arch to reduce stress on feet and knees
  • Heel cup design for max support and shock absorption
  • Temperweave fabric to reduce moisture and odor
  • Base layer heat/wear custom molds to your foot shape
  • Works for most footwear with a removable liner
  • Mfg Number: MB

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