First Defense Item# SD342 Mfg# 1156865

First Defense .7 percent MK-9S HV Vapor OC Aerosol


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First Defense .7 percent MK-9S HV Vapor OC Aerosol

Designed for absolute control during crowd management situations, the First Defense .7% MK-9S HV Vapor OC Aerosol by Defense Technology delivers high concentrations of OC in a powerful mist to quickly inflame mucous membranes and exposed skin. Its immediate onset results in an unbearable burning sensation, prompting targets to focus on their discomfort immediately. This superior aerosol product dissipates quickly, leaving minimal residue and allowing the affected areas to resolve in open air within minutes. Target's effects are highly intense, ensuring optimal crowd control. The easy-to-use trigger handle ensures fool-proof usage in tense situations.

  • Creates a high concentration of OC in a powerful mist.
  • Inflames mucous membranes and exposed skin for an intense burning sensation.
  • Immediate onset effects for crowd management.
  • OC formulation dissipates quickly, causing minimal residue.
  • Delivers 8-10 short bursts at an effective range of 10-15 ft.
  • Vapor delivery evaporates inches from the nozzle, which is ideal for corrections environments.
  • .7% MC orange banded canister indicates the major capsaicinoid level discharged at the nozzle.
  • Easy-to-use trigger handle design.
  • Non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe.
  • Independently laboratory tested for quality assurance.
  • Made in an ISO-rated manufacturing facility.
  • Specification details:
  • Material: 2 Piece Steel Can, DOT Exempt (MK-9S)
  • Height: 8.75 in/22.2 cm
  • Diameter: 2.75 in/7.00 cm
  • Delivery System: Vapor
  • Formulation: First Defense
  • Propellant: 134a
  • Formulation Weight: 12.7 oz/360 g
  • Number of Short Bursts: Approx. 8 – 10
  • Effective Range: 10 - 15 ft.
  • Minimum Recommended Distance: 6 ft.
  • Major Capsaicinoid Content: .7%
  • EDW Safe: Yes

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