ESS Item# EW2297 TAN SMKCLR Mfg# EE9032-05

ESS Crossblade 2X Terrian Tan with Clear and Smoke Gray


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ESS Crossblade 2X Terrian Tan with Clear and Smoke Gray

Get the ultimate tailored fit with the ESS Crossblade Eyeshields. These modular eyeshields allow for personalized assembly, with varied lens and nosepiece sizes available. That means you can adjust the eyeshields to fit your facial structure perfectly. Besides ensuring a comfortable fit, the Crossblade Eyeshields feature advanced ClearZone Dual Flow Coated lenses that provide distortion-free optics while resisting scratches and fogging. Experience zero pressure points with the Crossblade's Tri-Tech Fit frame and fast lens exchange with the DedBolt Lens Lock pivot.

  • Customizable fit with two Terrain Tan frames and lenses
  • Standard Clear Lens with Standard Terrain Tan Nosepiece and Smoke Gray Lens variety
  • Equipped with a zippered hard case for safekeeping
  • Includes a microfiber pouch for easy lens cleaning
  • Comes with an elastic retention strap
  • ClearZone Dual Flow Coated lenses for improved scratch and fogging resistance
  • Tri-Tech Fit frame for enhanced comfort
  • DedBolt Lens Lock pivot for quick lens exchanges

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