Elbeco Item# SW2532 Mfg# UVS171

Elbeco Men's UV1 CX360 Long Sleeve Undervest Shirt

$56.65 to $79.30MSRP: $79.30 to $111.05


Elbeco Men's UV1 CX360 Long Sleeve Undervest Shirt

The Elbeco Men's UV1 CX360 Long Sleeve Undervest Shirt is a professional and functional shirt designed with the utmost care and attention to give you lasting comfort and exquisite performance. It features unique stitching and tailored lines, and a perfectly tailored fit while providing a contemporary alternative to the traditional uniform shirt. The visible portions match the iconic CX360 Class A shirt, making it a must-have part of your uniform. Plus, this undervest is made with extra-durable, easy-to-care-for fabric, meaning it'll make it through any shift with style. Get the look and performance you want and trust in a shirt designed for the most demanding days and nights on the job.

  • Polyester Style Visible Shirt Fabric: 100% Polyester with 16% 4-way stretch | Weight: 4.5 oz./sq. yard
  • Knit Torso Fabric: 100% Featherweight Performance Polyester | Weight: 4.25 oz./sq. yard
  • Upper portion made from 4-way stretch, wrinkle-free, anti-pill fabric
  • Antimicrobial flex underarm mesh vents
  • Side seam dual communication wire access openings
  • Permanent Nano Fluid Repellency allows fluids to bead and roll off fabric
  • 2021 NAUMD Award for Best Garment Innovation/Comfort

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