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Ear Hugger Item# AP1240 Mfg# EH-PM3-1006

EarHugger Three-Wire Kit for Motorola Turbo/APX/XPR

$84.00MSRP: $96.00
Save $12.00 (13% off)

In stock, order now! Estimated ship date 05/29/2024 

EarHugger Three-Wire Kit for Motorola Turbo/APX/XPR

The 3 Wire Kit allows communication with minimal movement in more covert situations with three Push To Talk (PTT) locations – on the palm mic, the in-line connection, and at the radio connection. The in-line PTT also includes an additional 2.5mm jack for an optional Finger PTT (not included).

  • Three push-to-talk locations standard on most models
  • In-line PTT provides accessory jack for Finger PTT (not included)
  • Top quality electronics in palm mic ensure bright, clear sound
  • Palm mic can run down your sleeve or be worn center mass
  • Made with the highest grade surgical tubing
  • Gold plated plug for better electrical connection
  • Neodymium speakers for increased volume and clarity
  • Heavy duty reinforced shielding at all stress points
  • Tubular reinforced accessory connector to prevent shorts
  • 1 year warranty from Earhugger

    Includes mushroom bud, left and right open ear insert, 2 clear and 1 black acoustic tubes, clear and black ear frames, and radio adapter – a $40 value in accessories.


    Motorola APX1000
    Motorola APX2000
    Motorola APX3000
    Motorola APX4000
    Motorola APX4000XH
    Motorola APX6000
    Motorola APX6000XE
    Motorola APX7000
    Motorola APX7000L
    Motorola APX7000SE
    Motorola APX7000XE
    Motorola APX8000
    Motorola APX8000XE
    Motorola DGP4150
    Motorola DGP5050
    Motorola DGP5550
    Motorola DGP6150
    Motorola DGP8050
    Motorola DGP8550
    Motorola DP3400
    Motorola DP3401
    Motorola DP3600
    Motorola DP3601
    Motorola DP4400
    Motorola DP4401
    Motorola DP4600
    Motorola DP4601
    Motorola DP4800
    Motorola DP4801
    Motorola MTP830 S
    Motorola MTP850
    Motorola SRX2200
    Motorola XiR P8200
    Motorola XiR P8208
    Motorola XiR P8260
    Motorola XiR P8268
    Motorola XiR P8600
    Motorola XiR P8608
    Motorola XiR P8620
    Motorola XiR P8628
    Motorola XiR P8660
    Motorola XiR P8668
    Motorola XPR4500
    Motorola XPR6000
    Motorola XPR6100
    Motorola XPR6300
    Motorola XPR6350
    Motorola XPR6380
    Motorola XPR6500
    Motorola XPR6550
    Motorola XPR6580
    Motorola XPR7350
    Motorola XPR7380
    Motorola XPR7550
    Motorola XPR7580

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