Ear Hugger Item# AP484 Mfg# EH-SM-1010

Ear Hugger Speaker Mic for Kenwood-TK Series

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Ear Hugger Speaker Mic for Kenwood-TK Series

Don't throw out the whole unit if only the cable is damaged. EarHugger's Speaker Mic’s  modular construction (detachable radio cables) allows for more cost effective parts repair or replacement, as well as more rapid field repair, making this EarHugger's best seller. All units come standard with a 3.5mm audio jack on the mic head.

  • 3.5mm plug on mic head makes this compatible with the T-Series AP415 and S-Series AP230 listen-only ear pieces
  • Push To Talk on Mic head as well as radio connector on most models
  • Heavy duty heat and water resistant cable
  • Sturdy rotating clothing clip on mic
  • Covert, matte black finish reduces reflected light
  • Includes mic head, cable and radio adapter
  • 1 year warranty


    Kenwood NX-200
    Kenwood NX-210
    Kenwood NX-230EX
    Kenwood NX-300
    Kenwood NX-3200
    Kenwood NX-3220
    Kenwood NX-3300
    Kenwood NX-330EX
    Kenwood NX-3320
    Kenwood NX-410
    Kenwood NX-411
    Kenwood NX-420
    Kenwood NX-5200
    Kenwood NX-5300
    Kenwood NX-5400
    Kenwood TK-190
    Kenwood TK-2140
    Kenwood TK-2180
    Kenwood TK-280
    Kenwood TK-290
    Kenwood TK-3140
    Kenwood TK-3148
    Kenwood TK-3180
    Kenwood TK-380
    Kenwood TK-385
    Kenwood TK-390
    Kenwood TK-480
    Kenwood TK-481
    Kenwood TK-5210
    Kenwood TK-5220
    Kenwood TK-5310
    Kenwood TK-5320
    Kenwood TK-5400
    Kenwood TK-5410
    Kenwood Viking VP5000 Series
    Kenwood VP5230
    Kenwood VP5330
    Kenwood VP5430

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