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Ear Hugger Item# AP636 Mfg# EH-PM2-1000

Earhugger 2 Wire Kit for Motorola - HT/MTS/XTS

$57.99MSRP: $78.00
Save $20.01 (26% off)

In stock, order now! Estimated ship date 06/14/2024 

Earhugger 2 Wire Kit for Motorola - HT/MTS/XTS

The 2 Wire Kit is Earhugger's most popular product due to its incredible versatility for applications in many different environments – not just surveillance.  For patrol officers it eliminates the need for a bulky shoulder mic and accessories, yet still maintains the private integrity of the coms.  The wear-ability and slim design make it comfortable for long periods of use, and the palm mic can be conveniently worn center mass or on the sleeve cuff.

  • Two push-to-talk locations standard on most models
  • Top quality electronics in palm mic ensure bright, clear sound
  • Palm mic can run down your sleeve or be worn center mass
  • Made with the highest grade surgical tubing
  • Gold plated plug for better electrical connection
  • Neodymium speakers for increased volume and clarity
  • Heavy duty reinforced shielding at all stress points
  • Tubular reinforced accessory connector to prevent shorts
  • Includes mushroom bud, left and right open ear insert, 2 clear and 1 black acoustic tubes, clear and black ear frames, and radio adapter – a $40 value in accessories
  • 1 year warranty


    EF Johnson 5000
    EF Johnson 511X
    EF Johnson 512X
    EF Johnson 514X
    EF Johnson 515ES
    EF Johnson 515L
    EF Johnson 518X
    EF Johnson 51SL
    EF Johnson 51SLES
    EF Johnson 7700
    EF Johnson AN/PRC-127EF
    EF Johnson Ascend 5100
    EF Johnson Ascend ES
    EF Johnson Viking VP300
    EF Johnson Viking VP400

    Kenwood Viking VP600
    Kenwood Viking VP900

    Motorola GP1200
    Motorola GP900
    Motorola GP9000
    Motorola HT1000
    Motorola JT1000
    Motorola MT1000
    Motorola MT1500
    Motorola MT2000
    Motorola MTS2000
    Motorola MTX-LS
    Motorola MTX8000
    Motorola MTX838
    Motorola MTX900
    Motorola MTX9000
    Motorola MTX960
    Motorola PR1500
    Motorola XTS1500
    Motorola XTS2000
    Motorola XTS2250
    Motorola XTS2500
    Motorola XTS3000
    Motorola XTS3500
    Motorola XTS4250
    Motorola XTS5000
    Motorola XTX2500

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