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Defense Technology Item# ZQ134 Mfg# 1012594

Defense Technology 1.3% MK4 Pepper Spray


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Defense Technology 1.3% MK4 Pepper Spray

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray): Can only ship via ground services to physical address within the Continental US. Cannot be sold to or shipped to Massachusetts. New York: Can only be sold and shipped to public safety agencies; individual sales are prohibited. Portland, Oregon any OC spray 4.0 oz and higher may only be sold to and shipped to Public Safety agency addresses only. California: Order’s billing or shipping to California with defensive spray (over 2.5oz net wt.), can be shipped to a law enforcement agency address. Otherwise, California requires one of the following credentials: Law Enforcement ID or Guard Card and Defense Spray permit/certificate.

Defense Technology 1.3% MK4 Pepper Spray is the go-to option for high-risk situations. Its powerful formula delivers a fast and potent reaction to quickly subdue suspects and diffuse dangerous situations without environmental harm or risk of common igniting agents. The Stream delivery method offers a precisely targeted area when deployed 10-12 ft away, giving you the confidence you need when faced with volatile situations. 

Equipped with 20-25 short blasts of 1.3% spray, this product offers an ideal solution for tactical teams requiring extra protection when out in the field. Easily placed on a duty belt or holster, this pepper spray proves immensely useful and easy to transport, ensuring that safety is always only a few steps away. Suited for agencies with decontamination and cross-contamination options ready, the Defense Technology 1.3% MK4 Pepper Spray will provide unparalleled peace of mind when you are at your most vulnerable.  

  • Quickly subdues most suspects 
  • Non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe 
  • Stream delivery method is concentrated and target-specific 
  • Deploys 20-25 short bursts at an effective range of 10-12 ft 
  • 3 oz. MK-4 size fits conveniently on a duty belt 
  • 6½" x 1½" 

For optimal performance, defense sprays should be replaced at least every two years. See manufacturer’s information for details on shelf life and expiration dates.

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