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Damascus Item# FE904 BLK Mfg# NH50L BLK

Damascus Nomex Lightweight Hood


In stock, order now! Estimated ship date 05/29/2024 

Damascus Nomex Lightweight Hood

Meet your tactical situation needs head-on with the Nomex Lightweight Hood by Damascus Gear. This 18" hood is specifically designed for SWAT and other tactical situations, providing heat and flame protection to defend your head and neck. Crafted from DuPont NOMEX, a renowned fire-retardant material, it will not sustain a flame, keeping you safe. Trusted in multiple industries such as firefighting, motorsports, and industrial safety, Nomex has become a standard or requirement due to its protective properties. The hood is also particularly useful for heat and flash protection when deploying flash bangs.

  • Crafted from 3 ounce DuPont Nomex, renowned for its heat and flame-resistant properties
  • Black tactical hood with an 18” length (45cm), providing ample cover and protection
  • One size fits all
  • Ideal for use in tactical situations, particularly where heat and flash protection is required
  • Trusted by firefighting, motorsports, industrial safety, and other industries
  • Lightweight for comfort during extended wear

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