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Cool Cop Item# BP912

Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning


Galls restricts the sale of body armor and related products to public safety professionals, military, security officers. Appropriate documentation will be required. If shipping to Connecticut, you must ship to law enforcement agency address. Click HERE for more information.

Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning

Whether you work in a desert climate or somewhere where it gets sweltering hot only a few months out of the year, you know that the heat of a ballistic vest can severely impede your ability to react quickly and keep your body temperature low enough for comfort and safety.

Cool Cop Body Armor Air Conditioning has the solution. The aerodynamic tube funnels cool air from your vehicle’s air conditioning vent directly to your body, helping to get the heat away from between your vest and undershirt quickly. This body armor cooling system’s simple design makes it easy to use; just hook the Cool Cop vinyl attachment to your tactical vest and you’ll be feeling the cool air on your hot skin.

  • Choose from specific vehicle models or Universal-model (UNI)
  • Includes A/C vent clips, tube, and vinyl vest attachment
  • Extends up to 6-feet to allow movement within the vehicle
  • Air permeates along the underside of body armor to dry up moisture and quickly cool you off

The Universal model (UNI) installs using a variety of clips that attach to the louvers or inside edges of the vent and fits the Tahoe, Impala, 2011-2012 and new model Chargers, 2011 Expedition, 2011 Explorer, all years Crown Victoria.  The “Universal” will install in most other trucks, cars and SUV’s with some weather-stripping modifications.

Overheating is not only uncomfortable; it can be deadly. Keep sticky, sweaty clothing to a minimum and get the necessary cool air to your body so you can stay alert and comfortable throughout long days in a patrol car. Try it out on a hot day and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t get one sooner.