Condor Item# TE7001

Condor Oasis Hydration Carrier

$33.99 to $40.99


Condor Oasis Hydration Carrier

The Condor Oasis Hydration Carrier is the ideal companion for staying hydrated during outdoor adventures and missions. This third-generation hydration kit by Condor Outdoor offers a compact and efficient solution for carrying up to 3.0 liters of water in a rugged bladder. Its low-profile design includes thermal insulation to keep your drink cool in hot weather. The MOLLE webbing on the pack allows for easy attachment of modular accessories, and it comes with four Mod Straps for added versatility. You can use it independently with detachable shoulder straps, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and sports enthusiasts alike. Stay prepared and refreshed with the Condor Oasis Hydration Carrier.

  • Thermal insulation with thermal reflective material to maintain liquid temperature, ideal for warmer climates.
  • Hook and loop webbing for easy attachment of ID patches, enabling personalization.
  • Detachable shoulder and sternum straps for versatile carrying options tailored to your comfort and needs.
  • Includes two 6-inch and two 4-inch MOD straps for attaching additional gear and equipment.
  • Spacious hydration capacity, capable of accommodating up to 3.0 liters of water in a durable bladder, ensuring hydration during extended outdoor activities.
  • MOLLE webbing for the attachment of modular accessories and equipment, enhancing adaptability for mission requirements.
  • Modular attachment capability with four included Mod Straps, suitable for hooking onto other bags and expanding carrying options.
  • Stand-alone or attachable use, offering flexibility with detachable shoulder straps and compatibility with other bags.
  • Hydration compatibility for up to 3 liters, with a 15.5-inch bladder, ensuring an adequate water supply for your outdoor adventures.
  • Overall Dimension: 15.5"H x 8.5"W x 1"D

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