Condor Item# BP3884

Condor MCR Bib Integration Kit

$12.50 to $23.00MSRP: $13.95 to $24.95


Condor MCR Bib Integration Kit

The Condor MCR Bib Integration Kit is designed to maximize the versatility and functionality of your gear. It features MOLLE webbing, providing ample space for additional pouch attachments, while the thin foam padding ensures comfort during wear. The rear admin pouch offers convenient storage for essential items, and the hook and loop insert panel provides a secure installation. With a PALS attachment and two 4" mod straps included, this kit offers a versatile and customizable setup. 

  • MOLLE webbing for additional pouch attachments
  • Thin foam padding for enhanced comfort
  • Rear admin pouch for convenient storage
  • Hook and loop insert panel for secure installation
  • PALS attachment for added customization
  • Two 4" mod straps are included for versatile use
  • Imported for top-quality construction

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