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Blue Line Item# LP495 BRH G17 Mfg# H118-BWRU-GL1722

Aker Blue Line Drop Loop Duty Holster

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Aker Blue Line Drop Loop Duty Holster

The Blue Line™ was developed to meet the demanding requirements of a major Federal agency. It is now approved by numerous departments, and is the current issue holster of the California Highway Patrol.

  • This holster is made of premium suede-lined cowhide and features a heavy-duty leather overlay that reinforces the holster at key points.
  • A thumb break retention strap, backed up with an adjustable tension screw at the trigger guard, allows one to choose the retention level desired
  • Inside is full-length SightStrip patented sight protection which also allows for a smooth draw.
  • The Blue Line™ attaches to a 2 1/4" duty belt, with a steel reinforced, leather-drop loop hanger.