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BlackHawk Item# NP1178 BW G21 LH Mfg# M990461BWL

Blackhawk T Series Level 3 Duty Light-Bearing Holster


Temporarily out of stock, order now and we will ship as soon as possible. Estimated ship date 06/21/2024 

Blackhawk T Series Level 3 Duty Light-Bearing Holster

Equipped with a streamlined, thumb-activated retention mechanism, the T-Series L3D Light Bearing Holster from Vista Outdoor Sales seamlessly blends security and accessibility. Operating off the Master Grip Principle, you are assured quick, dependable weapon access in stressful situations. The holster is crafted with a reinforced outer polymer layer and a smooth, sound-dampening, hydrophobic lining, guaranteeing its performance under any element. For an extra layer of security, the L3D model features a retention strap across the back of the firearm. A Jacket Slot Belt Loop is attached to the holster, and it should be noted that the Quick Dual Release (QDR) Belt Loop and 2-Slot Belt Loop are sold separately.

  • Thumb-activated retention that follows the Master Grip Principle allows for quick-draws
  • Fits Streamlight TLR 1 and 2 for added versatility
  • Low-friction internal material promises a smooth, effortless draw
  • Sound-dampening lining ensures stealth drawing and holstering
  • Durable, sleek material minimizes bulk while offering protection
  • Available in Level 2 or Level 3 configuration for increased security
  • Retention strap over the back of the slide in Level 3 configuration
  • Jacket Slot Belt Loop attached to holster; Quick Dual Release (QDR) Belt Loop and 2-Slot Belt Loop are available for purchase separately
  • Offers enhanced retention with a strap across the top of the holster
  • Features a two-stage retention defeat for quick draw speed while supporting a level 3 configuration.
  • Comes in a variety of combinations to accommodate your red dot and light-bearing firearms

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