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Bianchi Item# NP352

Bianchi AccuMold Elite Double Mag Pouch

$53.75 to $60.75

   Size Chart   

Bianchi AccuMold Elite Double Mag Pouch

Bianchi® Accumold® Elite™ Double Mag Pouchs offer the classic, professional look of leather and the lightweight comfort, easy maintenance and affordability of nylon. Lightweight, comfortable, and highly resistant to scuffs.


Size 1 =

Beretta 84, 84F Cheetah, 85, 85F Puma

Colt Commander, Govt 1911

H&K P7-M8

Ruger P90

S&W 1006, 3913, 3913LS, 3914, 4506, 4553TSW, 4563TSW, 4583TSW, 4586TSW

Sig Sauer P220, P225, P239

Springfield TRP Operator

Size 2 =

Beretta 92/96F Centurion, 92F, 96F, 92FCM, 8000, 8040, 8045, Cougar, 92FS/96 Vertec

Browning Hi-Power

Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 34, 35

H&K P7-M13, USP Compact .40, P2000-V2, P2000SK

Ruger P89, P91, P94, P95, P97

S&W 4004/4006, 4006TSW, [5904/5906, 5906TSW (round trigger guard)}, 6904/6906, M&P 9mm, .40, SW 40V, SW99

Sig Sauer P226, P228, P229, P2022, SP2009, SP2340, P226R MK25, P320

Springfield XD 9mm, .40

Walther P99

Size 4=

Glock 20,21

H&K USP .45

Para-Ordanance P12, P13, P14, P16

S&W M&P .45

Springfield XD .45

Sig Sauer P227


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