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Bianchi Item# ZD316 Mfg# BA-3A0S-MN01

Bianchi 7115 Vanguard Mid-Ride Duty Holster w/ Jacket Slot Belt Loop

$124.99 to $132.50

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Bianchi 7115 Vanguard Mid-Ride Duty Holster w/ Jacket Slot Belt Loop

The Model 7115 top draw, standard ride duty holster offers a straight drop carry with Bianchi Tension Strips™, molded inside the holster for added weapon retention. It has a thumb snap closure, closed muzzle design and jacket slot belt loop. The Sight Channel™ offers a guide to protect the front sight as the gun is drawn. AccuMold® technology offers a precisely molded fit, with a ballistic weave exterior and soft, poly-knit Coptex™ lining that helps protect the gun’s finish. Patented

  • Built to withstand hard duty
  • Provides long lasting looks and dependable performance
  • Bianchi Tension Strips are molded into the holster interior providing additional gun retention
  • Features a traditional metal-reinforced thumb snap closure
  • The closed muzzle design and a 2.25" (58 mm) jacket slot belt loop
  • The Sight Chanel™ offers a guide to protect the front site as the gun is drawn
  • AccuMold® technology provides for a precisely molded fit
  • Features a soft, poly-knit Coptex™ lining
    15 Beretta 92/96 Vertec
    11 Beretta 8000F, 8040F Cougar
    13 Glock 17, 22
    11 Glock 19, 23
    13B Glock 20, 21
    16 H&K USP .40, .45
    15A Ruger P89, P90, P91, P94, P95
    12 S&W 411, 909, 910, 915, 1076, 3904/3906, 4006, [5904/5906 (round trigger guard)]
    15 S&W 1006, 4506, 4546
    10 S&W 3913, 3913LS, 3914, 3953, 3954, 6904/6906, 6924/6926, 6944/6946
    12A S&W Sigma SW9F, SW40F
    13 S&W M&P 9mm, .40
    13A Sig Sauer P220, P226
    13AR Sig Sauer P220R, P226R
    11A Sig Sauer P228, P229
    15 Taurus PT-92, PT-92C, PT-99, PT-100, PT-101


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