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Benchmade H&K Kubaton

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Benchmade H&K Kubaton

From their stellar line of HK products Benchmade offers this great little unobtrusive kubaton! It's unassuming and can easily be carried with you every day, wherever you go! Machined from a billet of solid aluminum the kubaton is 1.30 ounces and 4.5" long with turned groves to improve your grip. This is an excellent secondary defensive option that's barely noticeable hanging from your keys. Used properly it can cause any attacker to seriously reconsider his poor life choices. The key ring turns the weight of your own keys into a very effective defensive flail to stop an attack. Additionally the hard focus of the carbide tip can easily be applied to pressure points or used to strike bones and joints. The hard carbide tip can also be used to easily punch thru glass in an emergency situation. This kubaton is a great tool for every day carry

  • Solid Aluminum
  • Carbide Tip Glass Breaker
  • Key Ring
  • 4.5"
  • 1.30 Ounces
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