Avon Protection Systems Item# LE505 Mfg# 71601-1-1

Avon FM61 Canister Pair for FM50 Mask


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Avon FM61 Canister Pair for FM50 Mask

Low profile conformal filter with bayonet quick fit for use only with the FM50 Mask. General purpose military CBRN performance.  The filters provide protection from CB agents, toxins, and a number of Toxic Industrial Materials/Chemicals (TICs/TIMs) such as particulate matter including radioactive hazards, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and organic vapors with a boiling point above 65°C.

It provides excellent protection against physically adsorbed gases such as the nerve agents (“G” and “V” series), mustard gases, phosgene and chloropicrin. This canister pair is designed with bayonet quick fit for use only with the FM50 mask.

  • Gas adsorption is by activated charcoal granules impregnated with metallic salts of copper, zinc, molybdenum and silver to react chemically with agents such as hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride
  • FM61 Filters can be replaced without breaking the protective  seal through self-sealing connections
  • Extreme durability against shock and impact , the canister body is made of Noryl, a Polyphenylene ether/polystyrene synthetic thermoplastic polymer
  • High efficiency particulate filter element is made of PTFE, PET/PE fibers
  • Non-ferrous and non-magnetic
  • The twin filter design significantly reduces breathing resistance and improves weight distribution
  • Designed with bayonet quick fit for use only with the FM50 mask

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