Avon Protection Systems Item# TE2531 Mfg# 72850

Avon Protection FM54 Air Purifying Respirator


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Avon Protection FM54 Air Purifying Respirator

Ensure maximum protection with Avon's FM54 Air Purifying Respirator. This singular mask offers protection to the face, eyes, and respiratory tract from threats such as Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) substances, Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs). Regardless of the changing mission profiles, the FM54 maintains user flexibility. The FM54 functions in both negative and positive pressure modes (APR, SCBA, CCBA, and PAPR). Featuring a robust lever on the VREU (Variable Resistance Exhalation Unit), the mask can switch modes from positive to negative pressure without removing the optional VPU (Voice Projection Unit), maintaining protection integrity. This mask is ideal for Special Response Teams, Law Enforcement, SWAT/ERT Teams, Civil Support Teams, Bomb Squads, First Responders, Bio Identification and Cleanup, and more.

  • Panoramic single-lens visor with scratch-resistant and optically correct properties
  • Low profile brow and 4-size availability for fitting all operators and superior helmet compatibility
  • Communications unit with Electronic Communication Port for integrated voice projection and radio communication
  • Optional VPU for easy communication in mask
  • Integrated ruggedized mode selector, functioning in both negative and positive pressure modes
  • Robust lever for easy mode switching
  • Resistance against CBRN Agents like Mustard, Sarin, Soman, VX for over 36 hours
  • An extremely high laboratory protection factor performance of over 10,000 with re-breathed CO2 at 0.1%
  • Comfortable inhalation and exhalation resistance
  • Weight excluding filter: under 0.65 kg
  • NIOSH Visual Field Score: 96
  • Constructed of Chlorobutyl/ Silicone rubber and Polyurethane
  • Hydration feature with a drinking flow rate of 230 mL/min

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