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ASP Item# BA282 BLK Mfg# 52446

ASP Envoy 50 Rotating Scabbard

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ASP Envoy 50 Rotating Scabbard

Protection, portation, presentation are the three benchmarks of baton scabbards. Each carrier must balance security and speed. It must protect without without sacrificing access. The case must secure the baton without hampering swift deployment.

A scabbard that fails may compromise baton access during confrontation. Under the most severe circumstances, ASP Scabbards do not fail. They combine protection with access. They secure the baton during conveyance. They permit a stable grip and speedy presentation. ASP Scabbards excel. Under the most severe tactical conditions, they have no equal.

The Envoy Scabbard is built for the officer who prefers a closed baton case. Closed bottom design allows you to retract an ASP Talon baton while holstering. Compact profile takes up less space on your duty belt. For successful self-defense, ASP is the revolutionary standard in intermediate force. 

ASP Envoy 50 Rotating Scabbard features: 

  • Polymer construction
  • Internal tension bar holds the baton in place
  • Rotates to seven different positions
  • Adjusts to a variety of belt widths from 1¼ " to 2¾ "
  • Fit's ASP 21" or 50cm batons
  • 5"x1.25"x2.5"