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London Bridge Trading Company HIGH GEAR Suit

London Bridge Trading Company HIGH GEAR Suit

Item# TN322 | Mfg# LBT-51
London Bridge Trading
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  • This impact-reduction training suit is designed to safely enable the most intense, realistic, personal combat training scenarios
  • Ideal for any aspect of combative training: detainee handling drills, CQB, MMA, grappling, striking arts

Each HIGH GEAR™ Suit includes these eight components:

1. Head Gear

  • Integrated foams protect your chin, jaw, cheekbone and eye-socket.
  • Full Lexan shield rests on a 100% leather-encased, molded 1/4" HDPE plastic frame with four adjustable straps for secure fit
2. Torso Protector
  • Enables unprecedented mobility in standard chest guards
  • Wraparound design affords shielding of often-overlooked floating rib and solar plexus regions
  • Foam and plastic trauma-plate inserts guard the brachial tie-in, shoulder, clavicle and spinal regions
3. Combat Shorts
  • Internal padding and trauma plates protect without hindering, affording realistic range of motion to grapple, kick, run or sit during combative scenarios
4. Shin/Knee Pads
  • Extra cushioning in the area of MCL and LCL ligaments
  • Lightweight yet snug-fitting, with plastic trauma shields that extend protection from your shin bone to the top of your foot
5. Throat Guard
  • Contoured plastic and padding create a form-fitting shield that wraps ergonomically to protect your windpipe and throat against accidental strikes
6. Combat Gloves
  • Plastic trauma plates protect your thumb and metacarpals from shock damage during training
7. Elbow/Ulna Pads
  • These pads extend protection from your ulna and forearm to your elbow and triceps region
  • Shielding enables you to practice elbow and forearm blows during close-quarters combat, crowd-penetration or ground-and-pound exercises
8. Peroneal Nerve Pads
  • Fills the gap between tops of shin/knee pads and the bottom of combat shorts

Engineered for Action

Energy Reduction
- Dissipates impact while transmitting force to the wearer
Less Bulk, More Rush
- Half the weight of comparable training gear: just 9?11 lb., depending on size
Natural Movement
- Superior range of motion allows utmost flexibility to practice any grappling, striking or fighting styles, from CQB to PSD, with training weapons or empty handed
Ergonomic Design
- Wear duty gear or clothing over the suit
- Train live in the field, where the action is: corridors, elevators, vehicles, buses
Practice Cuffing
- The only training gear sleek enough for wearers to be flex-cuffed or handcuffed
Easy On/Easy Off
- Dress to train in just three minutes

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