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Badges and IDs
Galls is your source for badge and identification needs. We offer stocked and custom badges, nameplates, serving since pins, tie bars, collar insignia and commendation bars. Our large offering of badge and ID holders, wallets and cases will meet your every need. A selection of RFID badge cases and wallets ensures that your information remains protected. In addition to our badge and identification options, we also offer jewelry and coins for unique gift ideas.
VisualBadge from Smith and Warren
Blackinton Design-A-Badge
Design and order your own custom badges, nameplates, tie bars, custom collar insignia and commendation bars using Smith & Warren’s Visual Badge program. Within a few clicks you can make your choices and add custom information. You will be able to see what your order looks like before purchasing.
Design and order your own custom badge using Blackinton’s Design-A-Badge program. It’s fast and easy. Simply select your badge category, model and design, enter your custom information (Example: department name and badge number), review your badge then request a quote.
Clothing > Custom Badges | Insignia | Customization
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Clothing > Custom Badges | Insignia | Customization
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Smith & Warren Custom Badges
Smith & Warren Custom Nameplates
Smith & Warren Custom Collar Brass
Smith & Warren Custom Commendation Bars