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ASP Item# RS191Mfg# 56113

ASP Aluminum Hinged Style Tactical Handcuffs

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ASP Aluminum Hinged Style Tactical Handcuffs

ASP Hinge Handcuffs set a new standard for duty restraints. The hardened stainless steel frame is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. Over-molded with ordinance-grade polymers makes the cuffs stronger and lighter, presenting no sharp edges. These cuffs also incorporate double-sided keyways and replaceable locksets. A high contact bow face allows positive application, while conical bow profile results in cuffs that fit the largest range of wrists. 

ASP Aluminum Handcuffs enhance this cutting-edge design, with alloy bows that are hot forged to shape, profile trimmed and precision machined. Each bow is then hard-coat anodized with a matte black finish. Lastly, the cuffs are laser engraved with the date of manufacture and a unique serial number. The result? Surprisingly lightweight, matte black handcuffs that assimilate all of the benefits of conventional ASP restraints. These handcuffs are approximately 20% lighter than the original. 

ASP Aluminum Hinged Style Tactical Handcuffs features: 

  • Polymer over-mold
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Extremely lightweight
  • No sharp edges
  • Smooth action: Engagement is so smooth throughout the 22 positions that no back-loading is necessary
  • Interchangeable lockset
  • Recessed keyway: Beveled keyway on both sides of each cuff, so a keyway is always accessible
  • Two-sided double-lock and warning: Double-lock foils attempts to circumvent the locking mechanism by trying to jam it; yellow indicator alerts you to double-lock the cuffs before releasing your subject
  • High contact bow: Flat bow section provides single movement application preventing slippage on wrist
  • Permanent color options
  • 7.4 oz
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