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RedMan Item# TN046Mfg# RM 4X4

RedMan 4 x 4 Package


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RedMan 4 x 4 Package

The Redman. 4x4 package increases your training's through-put. Allows for more realistic multi-suspect training. Each RedMan 4x4 Package includes:

  • XP suit
  • Four student suits
  • Special Configurations Pak: 1 Enhanced Head Assembly (Enhanced Head, Throat and Collar), 1 pair Inner Forearm Guards, 1 Enhanced Lower Abdominal Pad and "No Foul" Groin Guard, 1 pair Foot Guards, 1 Attachable Face Shield, 1 pair Elbow/Forearm Guards, 1 pair Self Defense Punch, Body Guard Protector, 4 inert OC sprays
  • Accessory Pak includes: 4 training batons, 2 striking shields, 3 equipment bags, 2 disinfectant cleaners, 1 repair kit
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