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Mace Item# LE716 BLK Mfg# 80170

Mace 10% Peppergard Pepper Spray a


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Mace 10% Peppergard Pepper Spray a

Disorient the opposition with a superior formula of high-grade OC Pepper that is designed to cause eyes to slam shut with a painful burning sensation and cause uncontrollable coughing and choking. The Mace 10% Peppergard Pepper Spray is a less lethal method of protection, this spray allows you to disable an attacker/assailant temporarily.

  • Belt clip with key chain makes this unit ideal to use while walking or running.
  • Features flip-top safety cap
  • Finger-grip dispenser
  • Contains ten 1-second bursts
  • 18 gram unit sprays 8'-12'
  • Made in the USA

COLOR: Black