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BlackHawk Item# BH458 Mfg# 75GH00BK

BLACKHAWK! Night-Ops Flashlight Holder w/Mod-U-Lok Attachment

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BLACKHAWK! Night-Ops Flashlight Holder w/Mod-U-Lok Attachment

The Blackhawk Night-Ops Flashlight Holder w/Mod-U-Lok Attachment was designed to allow the operator to securely hold many of the most popular issued personal tactical lights with a 1.25" diameter bezel and a 1.00" diameter body.

  • Recommended for operators to carry their tactical lights in a bezel down carry mode
  • Allows the end user to mount the holder without having to strip accessories off of a duty or personal belt
  • Additionally the Mod-U-Lok will allow the holder to be mounted at various angles for user comfort and for ease of rapid deployment of the tactical light
  • A removable secondary Rubber retention strap for additional security during transport
  • Remove the strap for faster extraction, the holder will continue to maintain a high degree of retention
  • A small hole on the bottom rear of the holder will allow drainage of water in wet environments while maintaining a high degree of reduced light integrity if light is accidentally discharged in high-risk environments
  • Imported
*Flashlight not included.