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ARMORVENT Concealable Vest Retrofit Kit

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Galls restricts the sale of body armor and related products to public safety professionals, military, security officers. Appropriate documentation will be required. If shipping to Connecticut, you must ship to law enforcement agency address. Click HERE for more information.

ARMORVENT Concealable Vest Retrofit Kit

Featuring patent-pending evaporation, ventilation and padding (EVAP™) Technology, the ARMORVENT system enhances operational performance while delivering improved comfort. EVAP technology reduces body armor surface temperatures up to 17.5 degrees.

For the first time in history this reduction in heat and increased dryness happens behind your actual body armor when you are wearing it. The body armor vents help you stay cool and dry by forcing the air flow upwards and enabling sweat evaporation through horizontal vent holes. Armorvent Retrofits are available in kit sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large, supplies will vary.

  • Fits ALL concealable body armor and plate carriers
  • Reduces body armor surface temperatures up to 17.5 degrees
  • 400 denier nylon oxford, nylon and TPU
  • Continuous ventilation of body heat and rapid evaporation of sweat keeps your skin drier, year round
  • Facilitates conductive, convective and evaporative cooling between your skin and body armor
  • Includes: (2) ARMORVENT panels, (1) Hook and Bulb Kit
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