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Wilderness Solutions Key Ring/Pendant Firesteel


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Wilderness Solutions Key Ring/Pendant Firesteel

The Wilderness Solutions Key Ring/Pendant Firesteel is a fire piston, the most amazing survival fire starting device ever conceived. With a single push, tinder placed in the end of the piston is spontaneously ignited by the heat of compression, instantly becoming a glowing ember with no more effort than lighting a match. Literally, fire with air.

Vented 2nd generation fire pistons feature state of the art technology, O-ring seal reliability and fire lighting performance capability.

A survival fire starting device is only useful if you actually have it with you when needed. Now, there is no excuse for being in the wilderness without without a personal fire starting device. The Wilderness Solutions Key Ring/Pendant Firesteel is a wearable ferrocerium rod that is so convenient and light weight, you won't even know it it's there until you need it.

  • CNC machined from solid brass or ultralight weight aluminum
  • Ferrocerium rod
  • A steel scraper blade is provided
  • Multiple applications to make sure you never leave home without it
  • Attach it to your keys or gear
  • Use it as a zipper pull or wear it as a pendant
  • The fire steel rod unscrews from the holder and can be reversed to form a convenient handle
  • Made in the USA