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Simulaids Item# TA005Mfg# 101-300

Simulaids Advanced Training Manikin


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Simulaids Advanced Training Manikin

This 5'10" male manikin brings life-like responses to the training process, enabling your students to more accurately prepare for active service. The manikin allows for comprehensive, in-depth instruction with near-human responses in CPR, cardiac care, administering IVs, chest tube insertion, pneumothorax relief, airway placement, blood pressure monitoring and much more.

  • Accurate human anatomy
  • Joints have realistic range of motion
  • Rib cage motion mimics lifelike respirations
  • 12 pulse points
  • Multiple injection sites
  • Advanced IV arm
  • Four-lead monitoring
  • Tongue that swells
  • Laryngospasm
  • Bilateral chest tube placement with fluid discharge
  • Stomach becomes distended
  • Arrhythmia training
  • Defibrillation
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