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Point Blank FLXIIIA Body Armor with Hi Lite Carrier

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Galls restricts the sale of body armor and related products to public safety professionals, military, security officers. Appropriate documentation will be required. If shipping to Connecticut, you must ship to law enforcement agency address. Click HERE for more information.

Point Blank FLXIIIA Body Armor with Hi Lite Carrier

Engineered for superior performance, the FLXIIIA was designed to meet the rigorous demands of our law enforcement officers. Built for excellent flexibility -- right out of the box. Tails included on the carrier help keep the vest in position, while Self Suspending Ballistic System fully supports the weight of the vest panels to also keep them in position.

  • Meets the NIJ, DEA and FBI test protocols
  • Meets Berry Amendment requirements
  • Patented Self Suspending Ballistic System features Breath-O-Prene shoulder straps which connect to the front and back ballistic panels, ensuring optimal protective coverage and a comfortable fit
  • WIK-AWAY moisture-wicking inner material moves moisture away from the body and aids in the cooling process
  • Removable shoulder and side straps provide 8 point adjustability to better fit the officer
  • Tails help hold the vest in position
  • Includes 5x8 trauma plate
  • Carrier has front and back 5x8 and 8x10 trauma plate pouches for enhanced protection
  • Areal density 1.14 psf
  • V50: .357 SIG 1814 fps
  • Made in USA
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Point Blank consistently delivers performance-producing products that provide unprecedented ballistic protection. With a state-of-the-art ballistic laboratory and cutting edge technology, Point Blank unswervingly exceeds National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Military, government (DEA and FBI) and international testing requirements.