Paraclete Item# BY567

Paraclete Speed Plate Plus Shooters Cut

$643.99 to $758.99


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Paraclete Speed Plate Plus Shooters Cut

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Upgrade your existing ballistic vest with the Speed Plate Plus. Engineered to protect against high-energy bullets, our Speed Plates Plus are ultra-light, multi-hit protective inserts that consistently deliver exceptional ballistic performance against a wide range of "special threats" bullets. As a stand-alone body armor plate, it provides additional stopping power along with a high degree of trauma reduction, equaling unparalleled ballistic protection.

  • Designed with the patrol officer and first responder in mind to provide advanced rifle threat protection with their existing concealable vest system
  • Stand-alone multi-hit rifle threat protection in an ultra-thin, lightweight package
  • Designed specifically to defeat the most common rifle threats found on the street today (AR15/AK47)
  • Advanced, lightweight hybrid design technology: No "spalling" or "fragmentation" as found with heavy steel-based plates
  • Constructed of unidirectional polyethylene and ceramic
  • 8"x10"; 3.2 lbs
  • 10"x12"; 5.1 lbs
  • 0.70" thick

    Multi-Hit / Special Threat Testing:

    • 5.56mm x 45mm 55gr Ball (M193)
    • 5.56mm x 45mm 62gr Ball (M855)
    • 7.62mm x 39mm 123gr PS Ball (Mild Steel Core)

    Point Blank consistently delivers performance-producing products that provide unprecedented ballistic protection. With a state-of-the-art ballistic laboratory and cutting edge technology, Point Blank unswervingly exceeds National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Military, government (DEA and FBI) and international testing requirements.

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