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NIK Item# LE049 Mfg# 1005978

NIK Narcotics ID Porta-Pac


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NIK Narcotics ID Porta-Pac

The Porta-Pac® Drug Kit is recommended for narcotics identification operations where portability and ease-of-use are prime considerations. This notebook-size kit fits any briefcase or zipbrief.

  • The tests presumptively identify 25 different controlled substances, including:
-Brown heroin
  • Disposable test packs are self-contained with step-by-step instructions.
  • No mixing, measuring or dispensing required
  • Color-coded for quick visual results
  • Tests for most known and frequently used drugs
  • Contains 24 tests, including Acid Neutralizer Test F, as well as polytesting instructions, polytesting report pad and IDENTIDRUG™ Chart
  • Measures 14"H x 10"W x 3"D.
  • Refills are available (sold separately) to keep your Porta-Pac® ready to use.

-Methamphetamine- (LE300)
-Marijuana- (LE063)
-Cocaine/Crack- (LE065)
-Opium Alkaloids- (LE059)
-Brown Heroin- (LE067)
-Opiates- (LE100)