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My Leader Source Platoon Terrain Model Kit


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My Leader Source Platoon Terrain Model Kit

The My Leader Source Platoon Terrain Model Kit is an 88 piece Terrain Model Kit that addresses platoon missions. Designed for Platoon Leaders (PL), Platoon Sergeants (PSG), and Instructors to brief missions and teach classes.

The Platoon Terrain Model Kit is absolutely the best on the market. The Platoon TMK can be used as a stand alone piece of equipment or in conjunction with the Squad or Company level TMKs. It comes with a unique Tri-fold Tactical Bag that folds up for ease of storage. The waterproof, magnetic graphics have military symbols to promote learning of operational terms. Unit graphics do not have specific unit symbols so the user can draw symbols that align for their specific MRF, Operations Support, Force Sustainment and Health Services.

  • Hard synthetic composite construction, not laminated paper
  • Uses proper operational terms and graphics
  • Tri-fold tactical bag with extra pockets
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Professional appearance
  • Weighted to counter wind
  • Combat multiplier
  • Excellent tool for instructors
  • Great for use on white boards
  • 73 tiles
  • Made in the USA