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Ear Phone Connection Item# AP970 Mfg# EP1373QR

Ear Phone Connection Hawk Long Tube Lapel Microphone EQ1373QR


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Ear Phone Connection Hawk Long Tube Lapel Microphone EQ1373QR

The microphone with push-to-talk button is sensitive to a whisper. The kit comes equipped with the clear acoustic audio tube, right and left medium rubber ear molds and one Torpedo Aerodynamic Earbud. With the addition of the Quick Release feature the user can remove the unit from the radio and still leave the adapter on the radio. This allows the user to remove the radio from the body without having to remove the entire unit from under their clothes. And remember with a Quick Release adapter attached to your radio, it will function in its normal manner.

  • Directional, discreet and durable lapel microphone with a surveillance sytle "clear" tube earphone
  • Optional Quick Release feature at the radio adapter
  • Highly concealable and light weight
  • Polyurethane-jacketed kevlar-coated cable for extended life in the field
  • Fitted rubber earmolds for extra comforts after long hours of wear.
  • Fit Motorola Saber I, II, III, and ASTRO
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