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Ear Hugger Item# AP1241 Mfg# EH-EBM-1002

EarHugger Ear Bone Mic for Motorola HT750/1250/GP/MTX


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EarHugger Ear Bone Mic for Motorola HT750/1250/GP/MTX

The advanced technology of the Ear Bone Mic picks up vocal speech vibrations from the jaw and inner ear bones through a highly sensitive microphone. The microphone and speaker are both encased in a soft silicone earbud enabling two way communication through the ear canal – excellent for high noise environments.

  • Ergonomic and comfortable soft cushion ear piece
  • Integrates speaker and microphone in the earpiece
  • Fits easily under gas masks, helmets, HAZMAT and fire gear
  • Oversized in-line PTT for ease of use with gloves
  • In-line PTT provides accessory jack for Finger PTT (not included)
  • High quality speaker with rare earth magnet for clear reception
  • Heavy duty reinforced shielding at all stress points
  • Includes ear frame and radio adapter
  • For optimum fit try with and without the ear frame
  • 1 year warranty


Baofeng BF-9700
Baofeng BF-A58

Hytera TC-980

Motorola GP1280
Motorola GP140
Motorola GP280
Motorola GP320
Motorola GP328
Motorola GP329
Motorola GP338
Motorola GP339
Motorola GP340
Motorola GP350
Motorola GP360
Motorola GP380
Motorola GP580
Motorola GP640
Motorola GP650
Motorola GP680
Motorola GP960
Motorola HT1250
Motorola HT1250LS
Motorola HT1550
Motorola HT1550XLS
Motorola HT750
Motorola MTP810EX
Motorola MTX1500
Motorola MTX8250
Motorola MTX8250LS
Motorola MTX850
Motorola MTX850LS
Motorola MTX9250
Motorola MTX950
Motorola MTX960
Motorola PR860
Motorola PRO5150
Motorola PRO5350
Motorola PRO5450
Motorola PRO5550
Motorola PRO5750
Motorola PRO7150
Motorola PRO7350
Motorola PRO7450
Motorola PRO7550
Motorola PRO7750
Motorola PRO9150
Motorola PTX700
Motorola PTX760
Motorola PTX780
Motorola R765