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DuPont Item# HM053 WHT LG Mfg# TY122S WHT LG

DuPont Tyvek Coverall with Hood


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DuPont Tyvek Coverall with Hood

Tyvek® protective overgarments are the industry standard for protection, durability and comfort against dry particulate hazards. They stop microporous particles even after abrasion. Because they are an inherent barrier, not a coating or laminate, they can’t be easily scratched through or worn way.

Tyvek® coveralls w/attached hood include elastic wrists, collar, front zipper closure and attached boots. Great for use with Galls respiratory protection products. Ideal for clothing victims following decontamination from a hazardous environment. Packed 25 per case.

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Tyvek®, Tychern SL, BR & Fully Encapsulated Suits
5'2"-5'5"120-160 lbsM
5'5"-5'10"140-200 lbsL
5'9"-6'2"150-220 lbsXL
5'11"-6'4"180-240 lbsXXL

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