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Code Red Item# AP907 Mfg# SILENTJR 2.5 PACK SC

Code Red Silent Single Wire Earpiece


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Code Red Silent Single Wire Earpiece

Silent Jr 2.5 Two Way Radio Low Profile Clear Acoustic Tube Earpiece is extremely comfortable. Downtime is eliminated as all components are field replaceable. The cord is enforced with Kevlar® to insure reliability, even in the toughest applications.

Available in a long or short cord version to use with a shoulder microphone. This provides privacy and safety for the radio user. Rubber ear tip can be replace with one of our molded earpieces for extra comfort when using an earpiece for extended periods.

A FREE accessory replacement kit ($35 value) is included:
• 1 Clear acoustic tubes
• 1 tube connector
• 1 Mushroom Standard ear bud
• 1 Medium Left Molded Earpiece
• 1 Medium Right Molded Earpiece

The Silent Jr has a Kevlar® re-inforced 14 inch cord and a 2.5mm connector. Compatible with shoulder microphones that have a 2.5mm earpiece port on the microphone head, which include most Kenwood, Harris/ MaCom, Otto and Thales speaker microphones.