Howard Leight Item# HP051 Mfg# R-01526

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Muff Protectors


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Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Muff Protectors

The Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Muff Hearing Protectors offers high-end protection for service members who operate in loud environments such as shooting ranges or active field duty. This electronic ear protection carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22dB and employs built-in directional microphones to amplify ambient sounds to a safe 82dB. It also actively listens and automatically stops when loud impulsive sounds such as firearm discharges exceed 82dB. Additionally, these noise cancelling ear muffs feature Air Flow Control technology for a slimmer ear cup to allow for firearm stock clearance and have a padded headband with a telescopic height adjuster for a comfortable fit.

  • Built-in directional microphones amplify range command and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB for natural listening
  • Actively listens and automatically stops amplification when ambient sound exceeds 82dB
  • Low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance
  • Adjustable headband for secure fit
  • Compact folding design for convenient storage
  • Includes AUX input and 3.5mm cord to connect with your music device, radio scanner, or other audio source
  • Includes 2AAA batteries
  • Automatic shut down after 4 hours increases battery life
  • Approximately 350 hours of battery life
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 22dB
  • Mfg Number: R-01526
What Does NRR Mean?

NRR, or Noise Reduction Rating, is a system set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a guide to indicate the amount of potential protection a hearing protection device will give in noisy environments. Products are tested under the Real Ear Method as directed by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) in accordance with test procedures established by the Acoustical Society of America. Testing is performed in a controlled environment. Posted NRR ratings are qualified examples of how individual products compare with other similar hearing protection products in uncontrolled noise environments. The higher the number, the greater the noise protection.

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