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BlackHawk Item# LP429 CRB RH 92F Mfg# PN 415004BK-R

BlackHawk Carbon Fiber CQC Holster

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BlackHawk Carbon Fiber CQC Holster

CQC™ (Close Quarters Concealment) holsters and accessories are strong, quiet and versatile. Molded from a blend of carbon fiber and impact-modified nylon, they deliver low maintenance and high performance in all weather environments. This advanced material also provides the holsters with a sound-deadening performance not found in any other thermo-formed or injection molded holster, reducing the risk of giving yourself away before you're ready.This holster is designed for smooth, silent, professional performance.

  • Carbon fiber & impact-modified nylon construction
  • Speed cut in front helps you draw quickly
  • Slight flare to the opening helps you holster easily
  • Fully covered trigger guard for added safety
  • Comes complete with both a belt loop and a paddle platform
  • Fully adjustable
  • Tension adjustable allows a selectable level of retention (presses on the firearm's trigger guard)
  • Accommodates belts up to 1-3/4"W
  • Specify left or right hand orientation
  • Comes in Carbon Fiber (CF) or Matte (MT)
  • Allows a full grip before drawing giving you better control
  • Cut-down body aids in its concealment
  • Change angles from strong side to cross draw
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