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Safariland Item# LR655

Bianchi 12 consent Belt Slide Holster


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Bianchi 12 consent Belt Slide Holster

The Allusion Model 125 Consent is an open-top holster formed with premium full grain leather which is wrapped and laminated around a thermal-molded synthetic core. This liner promotes a quick draw and effortless reholstering while also housing a trigger-guard detent for enhanced weapon retention, a feature not normally found on leather holsters. Features two modes of carry with a dual snap belt loop for high-ride hip carry and an extra set of belt loops for wearing inside the waistband.

  • Key Features:Bianchi 125 Consent Size 11 Inside Waistband Right Hand Belt Slide Holster
  • For Glock 26 & 27 Pistols
  • Draw Hand: Right Firearm: Pistol
  • Holster Carry Style: Inside Waistband, Outside Waistband
  • Material: Leather