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ASP Tactical Handcuffs

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ASP Tactical Handcuffs

Using specialized design concepts and extraordinary construction techniques, ASP® is changing the future of handcuff use. An interlocking, unitized frame of high strength stainless steel is forged on custom-built progressive dies. The cuff is then overmolded with ordinance-grade polymers making it stronger and lighter. Cuffing a suspect is now easier, more efficient, safer and faster. Uses a standard handcuff key. Weighs 9 oz.

Dual Keyway
Beveled keyway on both sidesofeach cuff, so a keyway is always accessible.

High Contact Bow
Flat bow section provides single movement application preventing slippage on wrist.

Smooth Action
Engagement is so smooth throughout the 22 positions that no back loading is necessary.

Double Lock and Warning
Double lock foils attempts to circumvent the locking mechanism by trying to jam it. Yellow indicator alerts you to double lock the cuffs before releasing your subject.

Will not fit in standard handcuff cases.
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