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Armor Express Halo II with STP

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Armor Express Halo II with STP

In keeping with their True to Performance, Comfort, and Value design philosophy, Armor Express has improved their NIJ 0101.06 product offering and now boasts the most comfortable armor products in the industry. HALO body armor features Twaron Laminated Fiber Technology (LFT) and is made of woven Twaron Microfilament Fibers using Armor Express's Comfort Craft stitching technique. The body armor comes standard with two Revolution carriers and a 5" x 8" Ara-Shock ICW armor plate. The Revolution carriers feature a microfiber nylon exterior shell for enhanced durability and longevity; Breath-O-Prene padding and Breeze Knit for added breathability, moisture wicking, cooling, and comfort; Easy Grip Straps (patent pending) for easy donning and doffing; and dual plate carriers on the front to allow 5 x 8 or 7 x 10 inserts to be added for more protection. The 5" x 8" Ara-Shock ICW armor plate is a semi-rigid plate in rubberized coating that can handle threat levels comparable to IIIA. Designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort and protection, HALO armor will keep you safe and secure.

  • Consists of woven Twaron Microfilament Fibers and Twaron Laminated Fiber Technology (LFT).
  • Includes 5 X 8 ARA-SHOCK semi-rigid Armor Plate.
  • Two Revolution Carriers deliver maximum comfort, breathability and durability.
  • Carriers feature 13 front and back microfiber tails.
  • Carriers shoulder area now offers 3mm thick Breathe-O-Prene padding.
  • HALO Ballistic System Performance Data:
  • Threat Level: II
  • Thinness: 0.21 inches
  • Weight: 0.92 lbs/ft.
  • 9mm V-50: 1,617 fps
  • Magnum V-50: 1,606 fps
  • Avg. 9mm BFS: 34.4 mm
  • Avg. .357 Magnum: 37.5 mm
  • BFS Model #: HLO-D-II
  • ARA-SHOCK Armor Plate Specifications:
  • Aramid semi-rigid armor plate in a rubberized coating.
  • Size: 5 X 8
  • Weight: 0.36 lbs
  • Threat Level: Comparable to IIIA.
  • Revolution Carrier
  • Durable and lightweight microfiber outer shell
  • 13-Inch front and back tails made of same outer fabric as the carrier
  • Anti-microbial inner lining is moisture wicking, fast drying and odor absorbing
  • Interior microfiber "wearstrip" provides greater durability
  • Shoulder epaulets hold carrier in place
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