Streamlight Flashlights

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Streamlight is recognized by Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue and Military professionals around the world as a leader in portable lighting solutions. Streamlight created the very first high-intensity halogen rechargeable light. Streamlight was first on the scene, and they're still first with professionals all over the world. Streamlight played a major role in adapting LED technology to portable lighting tools. Streamlight also blazed new trails in the size and shape of LED flashlights.
Galls offers a complete lineup of Streamlight flashlights for the public safety professional no matter what situation or application. Choose from a wide selection of Streamlight tactical flashlights, Streamlight duty flashlights, Streamlight spotlights, Streamlight general purpose flashlights, Streamlight mini flashlights, Streamlight full size lights, Streamlight compact flashlights, Streamlight LED flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, Streamlight batteries, Streamlight chargers and Streamlight replacement bulbs.